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How Do I join?

Membership is free!

To become a member, simply fill out a brief application, providing us with information to get to know you better and to contact you in the future. You will receive an email confirmation when your membership is approved.

Your contact information will only be used to send you 1) a monthly newsletter and 2) location details for in-person meetings.

The bi-weekly virtual events are public and open to anyone that is a member of our Facebook group.

Benefits of joining?

  • Discover the hidden gems of Alabama’s natural landscapes
  • Learn and exchange new techniques and disciplines with fellow members
  • Showcase your artistic creations on our Facebook, Instagram, and website platforms
  • Network with like-minded individuals and expand your creative circle
  • Connect with Alabama’s thriving art scenes 

Embark on an artistic journey with the Alabama Nature Journal Club and watch your skills and connections flourish as you become a part of our vibrant, nature-inspired community.